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Care Provided in Meadowbrook

Meadowbrook Health Center provides premier short-term and residential Skilled Nursing care, as well as a full complement of in and outpatient therapy services in our Renewal Therapy Center. Personal relationships with residents and their families allow us to tailor services to each resident’s unique situation.  Our person-centered care offers choice base on your individual needs, or those of your loved one​.


Our staff provides high levels of supervision to our residents.  Both group and one-on-one activities are made available for residents to participate in as they please.


Assistance with mobility is available to residents who need it.  Staff assistance is available to transfer residents from one location to another (i.e. bed to wheelchair) or when walking.  As they are needed, mechanical lifting devices are used to ensure safe transfer of residents.

Dressing and Bathing

To ensure safety, staff is always close by to assist with showering or tub bathing.  Complete bathing or showering is provided by staff when requested, or necessitated by a resident’s inability to do so on their own.  Staff also provides complete dressing assistance, as necessary or requested. 


Mealtime is a favored time by Meadowbrook residents.  Our restaurant style dining allows residents the choice of several entrée choices at each meal and it is a staff priority to attend to individual meal preferences. A registered dietician oversees our meal program, ensuring residents’ diet needs are met. Staff carefully monitors residents to ensure nutrition and safety needs are met, and are always available to assist residents. If necessitated, staff will provide the care associated with a resident’s gastric tube or intravenous feedings.

Personal Care

Staff provides residents assistance as needed with their toileting needs, while striving to support autonomy and maintain dignity. Staff can also provide catheter care, as ordered by a resident’s physician.

Treatment & Nursing Care

A licensed nurse is on duty at all times to coordinate care, while certified nurse assistants provide residents their daily care. Residents’ physicians are responsible for prescribing treatments, medication and level of ongoing observation. Nursing staff provide ongoing care, such as intermittent or continuous oxygen therapy, medication administration, intravenous therapy, and sterile procedures.  To the extent it is needed, we provide services such as routine lab and physical assessments.

We understand the issues that residents of Skilled Nursing facilities sometimes face. Whether your stay is short-term and temporary in nature, or if you have a need for a longer stay, Meadowbrook has a place for you. Our pledge is to build relationships with all the individuals in our care. We know it is this level of personal commitment that will make a difference in a person’s ability to maintain an enriched and purposeful life.